Acrylic Encasement & Furniture

We fabricate vitrines in almost any size, design, or quantity.
Our goal is to satisfy your specific needs.
Encasements High quality encasements are our specialty. We produce to exacting standards by combining over twenty-five years of direct museum experience, computerized equipment, and the best materials. Whether your requirements dictate a large or small quantity order, our resources are geared to meet your unique needs. We offer a full range of services: Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing. Entrust us to create encasements of unparalleled quality.

Visit our gallery to view examples of our work or click on the link to download our brochure: Vitrines Brochure

We offer three grades of acrylic vitrines:

Museum Quality (PS 30 Glue Joints)
Our finest Vitrine Hand sanded, buff polished edges for imperceptible glue seams The wise choice for high exposure exhibits and permanent, long term exhibits.

Art Quality (Solvent Joints)
Excellent quality Hand sanded, flame polished edges Ideal for temporary or short term exhibits or where design of vitrine demands high structural strength. Cost effective and economical.

Display Quality (Solvent Joints)
Cost effective alternative to museum quality vitrines. Machined, flame polished edges
Excellent for most encasement environments, Ideal for wall mount applications and model covers

Note: In addition to standard acrylic, both ultra violet filtering and scratch resistant materials are available on all grades.

Acrylic Furniture

Our Acrylic Furniture is meticulously hand crafted, resulting in designs that establish the trade as an art form.

We specialize in custom work and our acrylic furniture is no exception. Each piece is made to order to your exact requirements. We welcome variations to our designs as well as your own creations.

Whether your product needs are large or small, highly customized or standard; entrust us to provide the optimal solution for you.

Acrylic Fabrication Image

Acrylic Fabrication Image

Acrylic Fabrication Image